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The Best Novelty Cake Theme Trends for Kids of All Ages

Everybody loves cake, that’s no secret, and here in Melbourne, we all love food trends. That’s why we at Amarantos Cakes are letting you in on our favourite food trend – novelty cakes.

They are just so fun we think everyone should have one at least once in their life. If you’re thinking novelty cakes are just for kids, then you are in for a treat. Novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes, for all occasions and all ages.

Novelty Cake (n): An unusual, handcrafted cake that is created to express a special theme and celebrate many different occasions.

Cakes are usually seen at events where someone is being celebrated, so why not make them feel truly special with a cake that resembles something they love. Or a cake that represents this pivotal time in their life. Here are a few of our favourite novelty cake themes:

#1: Animal

A cake in the shape of an animal is perfect for a zoo themed party or just that little tyke going through a serious dinosaur obsession. Whatever the favourite animal, no matter how old the kid, Amarantos Cakes can create it for your next Melbourne party.

#2: Travel

Nothing says bon-voyage quite like a novelty cake in the shape of the traveller’s backpack or suitcase. If a step into a great new adventure ahead is being celebrated, why not make it extra special.

3D Sponge Bob Cake - NC290 - Amarantos Cakes Melbourne

#3: Cartoon Characters

Cartoon character themed cakes are an all time favourite for the kids, with many parents taking the themed birthday party to the next level. A cake featuring their favourite character or movie of the moment is a sure fire hit.

At Amarantos Cakes we have made many-a Melbourne birthday party extra special with cakes featuring everyone from Frozen, through Fortnite, and Mickey Mouse, to Sesame Street, Super Mario, and of course, The Wiggles.

#4: Masquerade

To create the most flawless themed party, you need to concentrate on bringing the theme into the finest of details. From the decorations to the music. So why wouldn’t you make sure the cake is also spectacularly on point? Our masquerade themed cakes are always a hit, and the perfect final touch, or rather, the icing on the cake.

We can create a cake to fit the colour scheme, guest number and style of your next Melbourne masquerade party.

Doctors Coat - NC536
#5: Occupation

Perhaps the special someone is changing jobs, taking a step towards a new career. Maybe the celebration is for their contribution to their occupation, or for their retirement.

Whatever the occasion, there is an occupation novelty cake for every job in Melbourne. Whether they be a nurse, or doctor, an architect, or a beloved construction team member.

Small Avengers Cake - AA30

#6: Cinema

Cinema-themed cakes aren’t just for showcasing somebody’s favourite movie – although they certainly can be. Cinema-themed cakes are also a fun creative way to put the birthday person into the spotlight.

One of our most loved cakes for birthdays of all ages is the film reel cake wherein each frame features a different (edible) photo.

Alternatively, why not make the movie theme come to life with cups cakes in the shape of popcorn tubs.

Grand Piano cake NC811

#7: Music

Nothing says ‘we know you’re obsessed with (insert band name)’ quite like a cake in the theme of the birthday person’s favourite band. At Amanartos Cakes we’ve made everything from Metallica to 3D cartoon remakes of the Beatles, and even the famous Rolling Stones logo.

However, our music themed cakes don’t stop there. We have also created cakes for the musician, crafted to look like their favourite instrument

AC256 three tier fault line cake Amarantos Cakes

#8: Candy

Cakes sure are sweet, but you know what is even sweeter? A cake in the shape of your favourite sweet. Imagine a Kit Kat bar that could feed the whole party! It’s not a dream. Neither is bringing your candy wonderland to life in the form of a cake.

Whatever the theme, whatever the special someone is obsessed with, we can create a cake to match. Not all cakes have to be serious, so why not let your imagination run a little wild. Let us help you create something fun and memorable for you next Melbourne party.