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From simple to elaborate: Why birthday cakes are great

Birthday cakes don’t have to be the grandest, brightest, or biggest creations to be great. Birthday cakes, in all forms, are a wonderful part of celebrating birthdays. At Amarantos Cakes, we appreciate all types of cake but wanted to share why in particular we believe birthday cakes are great.

Historical Connection

The jury is still out on the exact origin of the birthday cake. Some say that celebrating birthdays by eating cake goes back as far as Roman times. However, most seem to agree that the first actual birthday cake was made in Germany during the Middle Ages. Germans would celebrate children’s birthdays in a celebration called Kinderfest, where they would eat birthday cake. It’s safe to say people across cultures have now been enjoying birthday cake for centuries.

The ‘Birthday’ Experience

Growing up in a western culture, birthdays seem to have a bit of a formula:
4 tier custom Wiggles birthday cake

    • You get a gift or some token of love, appreciation and/or celebration.
    • Then in the evening, after dinner, there will be birthday cake.
    • Someone tries to subtly leave the room to get the cake as everyone waits in anticipation.
    • The lights go out, now enters the birthday cake with the candles lit.
    • The birthday song is sung in true, out of tune, glory.
    • The cake is placed in front of you, pictures are taken, you close your eyes blow out the candles and make a wish, upon instruction.
    • The lights come back on, maybe more photos are taken, then you cut the cake.

We go through pretty much the same experience every year for our birthday. But you know what, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Birthday Candles

Birthday candles are an essential part of a birthday. But to have birthday candles, you kind of need a birthday cake. Sure, you can just light a candle and hold it, but that’s a little strange. You can also put a candle in a cupcake, sure you still get a candle, but you don’t get lots of candles. You can’t count your age in candles on a cupcake, but you certainly can on a cake! Well within reason, over 50 candles on a cake gets a bit overwhelming.

Birthday Wishes

elaborate 21st birthday cake
“Blow out the candles and make a wish”. The statement every child hears on their birthday. The statement that gets repeated out of habit, jest or in sincerity, as we age. Regardless, I think everyone does close their eyes and make a wish when they blow out the candles on their birthday cake. Your wish might not always come true, especially if you continually wished for magical powers when you were younger, but it is such a lovely part of birthdays.

Photo Opportunity

Solar system birthday cake with protruding 3D planets
Parents love taking pictures of their children sitting behind their birthday cakes. Or better yet, blowing out the candles. These pictures fill the old photo albums and capture the wonderful children memories. However, as we age, the pictures of us and birthday cakes don’t stop! Every milestone birthday, there’s pictures of the birthday boy/man/girl/woman and the birthday cake. We just can’t help ourselves, we Australians just love photos and birthdays!

Birthday Parties

When you are inviting people over to celebrate your birthday, it’s always lovely to receive a nice birthday cake at the end of the night. Or have it sitting on display, waiting to be eaten. At milestone birthday parties, the cake is often a central photo opportunity. Why not get a beautiful cake made, to your specification, for the special day? Cakes are always fondly remembered and make a delicious dessert! The cake can be: simple and elegant, bright and fun, large and grand, no matter what type of cake, Amarantos Cakes is here for you.
Extravagant 50th Birthday cake
Do you live in Melbourne and have a loved one’s birthday fast approaching? Maybe your organising a milestone birthday party? Do you want to surprise your loved one this year with an incredible or just plain delicious birthday cake? Then contact us today or simply get a quote, to bring your loved one closer to a wonderful Melbourne-made birthday cake.