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Engagement Cakes

To make any engagement party a huge success you need a loving couple, friends and family, good food, some drinks and of course, the perfect engagement cake. At Amarantos Cakes…

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Looking for 21st cakes in Melbourne?

Then browse the extensive collection at Amarantos Cakes and you will find just what you’ve been looking for. When you want your first milestone birthday to be a huge success,…

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Fondant: The Cake Bakers Best Friend

The humble combination of white sugar, gelatine, glucose and water can create many wonders of things. From rolled, to poured, sculpting and gumpaste, fondant has a come a long way…

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A brief history of the Christmas cake

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. Though it spans cultures and continents there are some consistencies in practices around the globe. One of the most…

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