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COVID Questions

We understand that it is not your fault if restrictions change during these unprecedented times, just as it is equally not our fault.

When you place your order with us there is a significant amount of planning and work that is done ahead of time for your order.

Thus, we offer the following solutions if your order is more than 7 days from being due for pick up or delivery, if restrictions change and as a result you must reduce your number of guests or cancel your event

  • we can reduce the serving size of your order
  • we can postpone your order until restrictions are lifted and you reschedule your event
  • or cancel the order, although our terms and conditions are still applicable under these circumstances and you would normally forfeit any monies paid, we would issue a credit note instead for you to use within 12 months at the discretion of management (if you have notified us immediately).

Unfortunately, if you do not notify us immediately and we hold your place for the order, turn down other sales in the meantime or have commenced work or completed your order, no credit will be issued and you will forfeit any monies already paid as well as being liable for any balance still owing.

If you place an order during a current lockdown it is deemed you are fully aware of the current restrictions and any cancellation will result in the forfeit of all monies paid.

How much notice is required to order a cake?

All our wedding and celebration cakes are custom made, we do not have cakes pre-made, so our cakes are not available for same or next day pick up or delivery.

  • Wedding cake orders require 2-3 months notice.
  • All other occasion cake orders require 14 days notice.
  • If you need a cake at short notice and we are not fully booked we may be able to accommodate you, call us on 0458 778 780 to see if we can help
1st birthday cakes Melbourne

Do you deliver and what is the delivery fee?

We offer both pick up or delivery.  All orders for delivery must be placed 7 days prior to delivery date.

Delivery pricing can be viewed under the information – delivery  tab.

Please also ensure you read our terms for delivery as we do not deliver at specified times.

What is your location and opening hours?

We are located in the suburb of Macleod and we are open Mon – Fri 10am – 5.30pm and Sat 10am – 12 noon. To see where we are located please click here. 

How much for a simple cake?

Wedding and Celebrations Cakes are priced according to the amount of labour required to design, bake, order special items and finally ice and decorate them, so it is best to browse our site for ideas and pricing. In most cases there is a minimum serving size for the purpose of making the cake more affordable. Generally if a cake is made smaller than the minimum it can sometimes double in price due to the extra labour required to work on a smaller canvas.

All cakes on the website show a price, by clicking on an cake picture you will see the prices, the minimum serving size and the flavours available. The price on the website is the price that applies if you order the cake online only.

I have a picture of a cake I want, can you quote me?

The best way to get a price for a custom made cake is to click the get a quote tab from the menu at the top of our website attached any images you have and we will get back to you with a price.

How can I order?

You can order online and take advantage of the online price, or you can arrange an appointment for a personal consultation to place your order. The online prices do not apply to Cakes ordered in person.

Payment is by credit card and is required when you place your order online.

A 50% deposit is required when you place your order (if the cake is being delivered, you will pay 50% deposit for the cake plus any delivery charges applied) with the balance due on pick up or delivery.

What time will I get my delivery?

Orders are not made at a specific time unless you have opted to pay the extra fee for a specific time delivery. Generally your order will arrive at no specified time on the delivery day between 8am – 8pm to home addresses and between 9am – 5pm to work addresses.

Time specific deliveries incur extra charges as do Sunday and public holiday deliveries. This extra charge is added to the normal delivery fee.

Generally we will send a text to notify you when your order is on its way.

How do I transport and store my cake?

You can find information on transporting your cake and storing it on the storage, handling and transport page.

Can I change the colours of a cake?

Yes you can. There is a colour variations text box for specifying any color changes.

How long before I get a response to an email I sent?

Most emails will be responded to within 24-48 hours. Please be patient we will get back to you.

What is the best way to browse your site?

The best way to find a cake on our website is to use the search bar on the side menu, type in a keyword (for example – frozen) and all the cakes we have with that theme will load, then just click on the images to see the prices.  If we don’t have what you are looking for please call us or email through a custom quote enquiry using the get a quote form and we can forward some options.

Are all cakes / cup cakes entirely edible?

No, whilst most of the cakes/cup cakes are entirely edible, there are some cakes/cup cakes which may contain varies elements required for support or decoration making some parts not fit for consumption. These include most figurines on cakes/cup cakes, whether they are made from icing or plastic, sugared flowers, diamantes, pearls, ribbon, wooden skewers used for support and any other items used as decorations on a cake, as well as some parts may be polystyrene inside.

What flavours are available?

There is a full list of flavours on our website under the “Cake Flavours” tab at the top. There is also a drop down box headed “flavours” which indicates the flavours available for that particular cake when using the shopping cart.

We have sample tasting packs available for purchase to try our flavours.

Can I purchase your figurines or decorations separately?

Unfortunately we do not sell our decorations separately, figurines and decorations are made exclusively for our cake orders.

Do I leave a deposit when I place an order?

Yes, to place an order you must leave a 50% deposit. The balance being due either on collection or 7 days prior to delivery.

How can I taste the flavours you offer?

We have sample tasting packs available for purchase to try our flavours.