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How to Transport A Cake

How to Transport A Cake!

how to transport a cake

Need to know how to transport a cake!

Below we have provided information in relation to safely transporting your cake. Please read through the points carefully and if you have any questions that we have not covered here, please feel free to call us and we can provide further guidance on how to transport a cake.
  • Remember that decorations on cakes and icing are fragile so always handle your cake with care.
  • Always keep the cake level when carrying it or when placing it in your vehicle, car seats are not flat and can result in a damaged cake if it is transported on the car seat (front or back).
  • If you are going to put the cake on your lap in a car, please ensure you keep the cake level.
  • To remove sugared decorations always use a sharp knife to pry them gently off the cake.
  • When transporting we recommend placing the cake on a flat surface with a non-slip mat underneath.
  • In hot weather you will need to keep the air-conditioning on at all times and keep the cake away from direct sunlight, especially in relation to cakes with coloured icing (as this will fade the colour, pink, purples and blues being worst effected).
  • Always drive with care avoiding sudden breaking or stopping. Remember just as you can be tossed around in a car, so can your cake.
  • Ensure there is nothing surrounding the cake that could become a projectile object and ruin your cake in transit. It is always a good idea to empty your car boot before coming to collect your cake and ensuring it is clean as you are placing food in it.
  • Cakes are presented on a cake board that is generally 2” wider that the cake itself allowing a lip around the cake. Sometimes the board may be larger depending on the design of the cake and may be set back on the board to allow for decorations on the board infront of it.
  • Cakes come in a box that generally fits snuggly around the board of the cake and covers the cake, this gives your cake some protection from being bumped accidentally.
  • In some cases if the cake is too large for the box we will remove the lid and cover the cake with cellophane to give it protection from rain and wind.
  • Ensure when moving cakes you keep them level, tilting a cake in any manner can cause cakes or decorations to move, topple or break. We can not be responsible if the cake is damaged in transit whilst in your care.  
  • Once a cake has left our premises it is your responsibility to treat the cake with due care and diligence, cakes are fragile and can be easily damaged, if you are not comfortable collecting and transporting a cake, you can select to have our experienced driver delivery it for you.
  • In the event that you damage the cake after it has left our premises, we can in most cases repair it if not to its original state as close as possible depending on the damage. Please contact us immediately if this occurs, take photos of the damage and forward these to us so that we can assess the damage.
  • There are several options for repairing your cake, you can return the cake to us and we can repair it at a cost of $30 per half hour or we can come to you with a call out fee of $100 plus $30 per half hour.

For more information on how to transport a cake please call us directly on 9002 4046, we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.