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Placing An Order


Ordering Online

  • Online price only applies when ordering on line
  • Credit card is required to place the order
  • A 50% deposit is charged at the time of ordering to secure the booking (if you select delivery this will be added in full to the 50% deposit and charged at the time of ordering), the balance is due either on pick up or 7 days prior to delivery

Ordering In Person

  • Consultations are by appointment only and incur a $30 fee which includes 4 flavour samples book here
  • Online prices do not apply
  • A 50% deposit is charged at the time of ordering to secure the booking, the balance is due either on pick up or delivery
  • Payment methods in person are cash or direct deposit 14 days prior to delivery or pick up of goods

Phone Orders

Unfortunately we do not take orders over the phone, all ordering is either online or in person by appointment.

Online Orders Placed on Weekends or Public Holidays

ALL orders placed after 3pm on Friday and at any time of day on Saturday, Sunday or on a Public Holiday will be processed on the next working day.

Pricing On Website

  • Prices are listed for each product on this website.
  • Prices displayed are either a starting price or a price range.
  • The lowest price applies to the smallest serving size available for that cake.
  • For each product there is a choice of flavours specific to that cake and if available a range of sizes available with the appropriate pricing for that serving size.
  •  With some cakes, there are additional options to choose from and each option will state the extra price to be added on top of the cake price for that option.
  • When browsing the site click on any of the pictures to view pricing and flavour options.
  • At the bottom of the add to cart button, there will be further information regarding that product.
  • Prices are structured and with the vast number of products on our website, sometimes pricing errors do occur.
  • If a product you are looking at appears to have an incorrect price displayed please do not order it thinking that you will get it at that price when it clearly does not fit with the other prices displayed.
  • We reserve the right to correct it to the actual price and proceed with processing your order.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit 14 days prior to commencing or collecting your order
  • 50% deposit at the time of booking, no cake is considered booked in until such deposit is received
  • Balance due either 7 days prior if cake is to be delivered or cash on delivery
  • Balance to be paid Cash on Collection

Variations in Colours

Although every attempt is made to match the product you order exactly, there may be slight colour variations, either due to the quality and colour matching of your computer screen or the variation in colour batches.

In relation to edible images, note these are printed on edible icing sheets with edible ink which may not print to exact pantone colours of logos or files sent to us.

Substitutions on Out of Stock Items

In the event that we cannot supply specific decorative items on a cake due to stock unavailability or not enough notice provided, we will substitute with a similar product in value that will maintain the look of the overall product.

In the unlikely event that we are not able to provide a substitute, we will contact you (via e-mail, text or telephone) to offer you an alternative or to discuss changes required to maintain the overall desired look of the cake.

Accessories and Decorations on Cakes

Whilst the cakes/cup cakes themselves are entirely edible, there are some cakes/cup cakes which may contain varies elements required for support or decoration making some parts not fit for consumption.

These include most figurines on cakes/cup cakes, whether they are made from icing or plastic, sugared flowers, diamantes, pearls, ribbon, cup cake cases, wooden skewers and coated wires used for support and any other items used as decorations on a cake.

So the decorations on cakes/cup cakes are NOT to be consumed.

Further more many cakes require internal supports to maintain structure, please be mindful of this and do not use our products for any other purpose other than as intended. Should any person be harmed as a result of misuse of our products we will not be liable.

Quality and Maintenance of Cakes

At Amarantos Cakes we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. It is important to remember, however, that most food items are perishable and may react to temperature conditions, particularly cake, chocolate and fresh items, which, as a result may affect life of the product.

We recommend, if you are not familiar with the correct temperatures for the these food types or specific produce, that you contact us for further information. Once delivery has occurred Quality and maintenance of the produce is your responsibility.

Ensure when moving cakes you keep them level, tilting a cake in any manner can cause cakes or decorations to move, topple or break. We can not be responsible if the cake is damaged in transit in your care.  Once a cake has left our premises it is your responsibility to treat the cake with due care and diligence.

In the event that you damage the cake after it has left our premises, we can in most cases repair it, if not to its original state, as close as possible depending on the damage. Please contact us immediately if this occurs, take photos of the damage and forward these to us so that we can assess the damage. There are several options for repairing your cake, you can return the cake to us and we can repair it at a cost of $30 per half hour or we can come to you with a call out fee of $100 plus $30 per half hour.

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