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What to Look For When Choosing a Cake Company to Bake Your Wedding Cake

You’re getting married! Congrats! You didn’t just say yes to a lifelong commitment but also to planning one of the most stressful days of your life. Wedding preparations can be a major pain but your wedding cake shouldn’t have to be if you choose the right cake company in Melbourne.

First you need to figure out what type of wedding cake you want to have and what kind of design you want. Once you’ve discussed it with your significant other and come up with an idea, you can pay your favourite Melbourne cake company a visit.

The cake company will likely offer you a chance to sample some cakes first. This will help you to determine if the flavour you had in mind is the right choice. If the company rep tries to persuade you to choose something without tasting it, that’s your sign to go somewhere else. Describing the ingredients they use to make the cake isn’t nearly as appetizing as sampling a piece. Just because what they make claims to be vanilla, doesn’t mean that it will in fact taste like vanilla, especially in today’s world where there are so many products with artificial flavourings.

When you visit the bakery, you’ll likely find models on display that show the different designs of the cake. These are usually made of Styrofoam and meant only to show you the artistry, so don’t eat them. If the bakery is small, they may have an album of past wedding cakes that they’ve done and usually a photo of the happy customers. If you already came up with the design in mind, and most brides and grooms do, draw a picture, print it out, whatever and present it to the decorator so that they have a visual idea of what it is that you want.

If the cake is a multi-tier cake, and let’s face it, which wedding cake doesn’t have at least three tiers, the cake decorator may need time to set the cake up before the wedding. To that end you should ask how much time they’ll need to set it up. Give them the address to where the reception is going to be held and if necessary, draw a map so that they don’t get lost on your big day.

Also, keep in mind that some decoration requests cost a little more money. In some cases, the bakery won’t do it at all such as in the case of using fresh flowers as cake decorations. That’s usually because the flower delivery company has to deliver the flowers on time so that the decorator can place them shortly before the reception starts. If something goes wrong, the cake is ruined. Also, if your cake uses a lot of colours, other than traditional white, be prepared to pay more. Some bakery companies charge more.

Another important thing to ask is about the delivery fee. Some bakeries charge for delivery, especially if it involves travelling between cities. So if the bakery is in Melbourne, but your wedding reception is not, you may have to pay up. So ask to make sure that the fee is within your established wedding budget.

Remember that your wedding guests will be the ones who will judge whether your cake looks and tastes good. So use that as a compass when choosing the right bakery to make your wedding cake.