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Winter Cakes: 4 Cakes to Keep You Warm from the Inside Out

Okay, maybe we’re stretching the reasons [read: excuses] to eat cake rationale a bit. But with the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) just this week and the mercury still dropping, we can’t help but reach for the winter warmers.
In Melbourne, winter isn’t synonymous with icons of Christmas, or even snow for that matter. But our toes still get cold, it gets harder to get out of bed, and racing home from work to cuddle up on the couch is definitely a thing.
So, why not make those couch moments extra lush and yummy with cakes packed with warm, rich flavours? These are our favourites, it was hard, but we narrowed it down, a bit.

1. Orange & Dark Chocolate Mud Cake

Orange and Dark Chocolate - Winter cakes - Cakes for any occasion Amarantos Melbourne
Oh boy, is your mouth watering yet? Our is and it is only the first cake!
Orange and dark chocolate are a match made in heaven. If you haven’t tried it we take no responsibility for any extra pounds that may result.
It is rich, smooth, and a little bit sweet. The orange is fragrant, the chocolate is decadent. Throw in some poppy seeds just for fun, and decorate any which way you like.
Amarantos Cakes Melbourne have a knack for delicious, beautiful cakes so why not enlist our help, even if the only excuse you have for cake is that Melbourne in winter is cold. We think it is a good enough reason.

2. Coffee & Chocolate Mud Cake

Okay, maybe we have a chocolate addiction, but come on, coffee and chocolate. Can you blame us?
Steaming coffee cup - Winter cakes - Cakes for any occasion Amarantos Melbourne
Think of that perfect hot cup of joe on a cold morning, steam rising, toes escaping the cold in thick socks. The first sip awakens the sense, spreading warmth down to your tummy. It is just so yummy.
Now take that sensation and imagine that it was covered in chocolate, maybe there is a dash of brandy or marsala (fortified wine). And best of all, you don’t have to go anywhere. Nowhere. Okay maybe you want to go from the kitchen to the couch, but that is it. Nowhere else.
Oh, so cozzie.

3. Cookies & Cream Mud Cake

Doesn’t anything say winter more than cookies? Seriously, it is creamy and warm but sweet at the same time! If you love the humble Cookies n Cream Biscuits, you will adore a cookies & cream mud cake.

4.  Fruit Cake

Okay, this is the one winter cake that sometimes sings a little bit more like Christmas than any of the others. But we think that really it is out of place at the Christmas table, Melbourne is in the land down under after all.
There are so many other wonderful summer fruit cakes to enjoy at Christmas time. Who needs rich fruit cakes during 40 degree summers? Not us, we have pavlova.
Pack away those cans of passionfruit, the solstice needs rich fruit, no candied over-sweetness.
With a heavy helping of brandy, rich fruits like orange, currants, dates and more spice than the humble gingerbread you’ll be wishing winter never ended.
Has the thought of daily cake got your mouth watering, but your waistline worrying? Not to worry, everything in moderation after all. Save one of these winter delights for a solstice party, a dinner party, a birthday party, christening, engagement, wedding, baby shower. Okay, sorry, sorry, we will stop making excuses for cake.
Instead, we will stick to making them. Pick your favourite, find your excuse and let the team at Amarantos Cakes Melbourne bake and decorate. We make delicious creations for themed parties, weddings, and well, for any excuse really.